More Than 8 million USD Secondhand Truck Cranes Delivered to Saudi Arabia

January 01, 1970

“The secondhand cranes shipping to Saudi Arabia have adopted all-new coating and received strict control in technologies, quality and process. Many key components and spare parts employ standards for new cranes to ensure high-quality products are delivered to clients.”

Days ago, ceremony of ZOOMLION products delivery to Saudi Arabia was held in ZOOMLION Quantang Industrial Park in Changsha of Hunan Province. The truck cranes were shipped with order totaling more than eight million USD.

According to principal of ZOOMLION Saudi Arabia, “The order was signed nearly one year ago. We sent the experienced sales and technical staff to make in-depth surveys of local market together with clients while discussing model of partnership. After the surveys, we have worked together to strictly select product models before selecting the four most active product models in the leasing market.”

According to Saudi Arabia clients, the partnership with ZOOMLION is a pleasant process. “When visiting ZOOMLION facilities, we were shocked by the size of ZOOMLION. The modern workshop and standard production lines gave use very deep impressions. In particular, the product quality is excellent.”

For a truck crane, the arm is a very important component. “The arm standard for this batch of equipment is the same as those of new equipment, with arms disassembled and coated”. As revealed by the technician, the thin plates on the rotary tables and chassis adopt higher manufacturing standards of process. At the same time, many parts and components in the equipment are new ones. 

Besides, the products have experienced many rigorous driving test and product debugging, trying to solve problems in essence. Ultrasonic waves were used to detect welding defects in frames and arm structures. The process departments would propose plans of improvement to ensure product quality if some quality defects were found. 

“I hope these products can have exceptional performance in major overseas projects so as to release green and innovation genes of ZOOMLION.”
To make sure the sound operation of equipment in Saudi Arabia, ZOOMLION has specially deployed a technician o Saudi Arabia to provide training for client operators and equipment maintenance service.

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