Smart ways in troubleshooting braking failure caused by braking force deficiency

November 07, 2014

What is breaking force deficiency? It is when you press the brake pedal down, the loader does not slow down or stop as required. The main causes include:
① The brake system is in low pressure.
In case of the braking force deficiency, check the brake pressure to see if it is below a predetermined value. If it is, find out the cause and fix it by the aforementioned method.
② Brake fluid level is lower than the minimum position.
Check brake fluid level. If the level is lower than the minimum, check to see if there is any leakage in the hydraulic brake system. Add brake fluid in same brand to the level as required. In case that you are going to use the fluid in a new brand, drain and clean the brake fluid tank before doing it.
③ There is air inside the hydraulic brake system.
If there is air inside the hydraulic brake system, it may cause breaking retardation or deficiency. So, the air must be got rid off from the brake system.
④ Booster pump has been damaged.
The piston seal of the booster pump’s cylinder has been damaged or turned over, or the piston cup has been worn out, causing the deficiency of oil pressure. Replace the piston seal or cup.
⑤ The brake caliper or the brake piston is leaking.
Find out the cause and replace the seal or the brake caliper assembly.
⑥ Caliper pads have been worn out heavily. Replace the caliper pads.

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