ZOOMLION Facilitates Completion of World Large Cooper Mine Project in Kazakhstan

January 01, 1970

Days ago, the Aktogay cooper mine project, contracted by CNMC, was completed in Kazakhstan, a country along the Belt & Road. As the largest supplier of engineering equipment for the project, ZOOMLION has received great praise from the constructor because of the efficient and stable product quality and timely after-sales service. 

In the two-year construction, two ZOOMLION QUY206 crawler crane, one QY100, two QY80, four QY55 and four QY25 truck cranes were put into use. To ensure success of the project, ZOOMLION overseas company sent regional service engineers to take shifts and stay on the construction sites, so as to provide 24-hour service for the clients from the perspectives of product acceptance, debugging, delivery, maintenance, repair and training of operators. In winter time, temperature in project location often stays below 20 degrees centigrade, which raises higher requirements for the construction products. The two QUY260 products of ZOOMLION have stable performance and exceptional performance in the construction process. In all weather conditions, they are able to finalize hoisting in workshop foundation building and 80T assembly. Besides, the babysitter-like after-sales service of ZOOMLION has helped win high praise from the clients. 

Director Gao Zhiming of CNMC China 15th Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd., Third Equipment Department is quite satisfied with ZOOMLION equipment and after-sales service. He said, “For me, I have never seen others having such wonderful and timely after-sales service. Look forward to cooperating with ZOOMLION again.”

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