SUNWARD Mini Machineries Launch 107th China Export Commodities Fair

April 23, 2010

15th April, the 107th China Export Commodities Fair (Guangzhou Fair) was held in Guangzhou. SUNWARD made an appearance with products cover SWFD30H-W and SWFD70H-W internal combustion forklifts, SWLB1645 electric stacker, SWE50 compact excavator, SWFE15AC skid steer loader and etc.

SUNWARD booth at the fair

During the exhibition period, Luo Xinguo and Zhou Chuan, the deputy directors of Hunan Commerce Department,followed by other leaderships from Mechanical and Electrical Office, Foreign Trade Office,came to SUNWARD booth to visit and get information about SUNWARD products and market. They gave a high praise to the quality of SUNWARD construction machineries, and promised to support SUNWARD following attendance at China Export Commodities Fair.

Mr. Hu Luwei, the vice-general manager of SUNWARD Industrial Vehicle Dept. is introducing products for learders from Hunan Commerce Department.

On 18th April, Yu Dongyang, the Deputy Secretary-General of Changsha Government, accompanied by Yang Xinglong, Changsha Commerce Bureau, and Wen Xieliang, the deputy director-general of Changsha Commerce Bureau, visited SUNWARD booth. At afternoon, Changsha government and Changsha Commerce Bureau hosted a special symposium for listed enterprises. The symposium meant to collect information of enterprises' export and import, troubles of external trade and export, as well as discuss topics of export rebate, credit guaranty, international logistics, in bond, inspection, etc.

SUNWARD was focus on launching forklift series for international purchasers at the China Export Commodities Fair. Since SUNWARD forklift has come into the market in batches at April 2008, SUNWARD has survived from market competition and attracted users' attention with its independent innovation and core manufacture. Now SUNWARD is a top forklift brand in China. Aiming at marching into broad international market, SUNWARD has exported to Russia, Brazil, Italy, India, Bengal, Algeria, Tunisia and etc. Thus SUNWARD forklift becomes the forth main product for international market followed excavator, hydraulic pile driver and rotary drilling rig. The chief of SUNWARD industry vehicle subsidiary company revealed that their volume of sales in the first quarter of 2010 had exceeded the whole volume of sales in 2009, and the orders had reached 1000 machines. The sales revenue was forecast to be 10 times than that of last year.

Facing to the potential international market, SUNWARD was meticulous in preparing the booth, as well as big international marketing team. At the first day of the fair, it rained cat and dog, but it didn't matter to the visiting purchasers. What's more, visitors increased the next day.

Trade talks with buyers

"Too busy! Hope we can be Sun Wukong who can increase our population!" The salesmen for on-site reception had their sweet "troubles". Specific purchasers for more than 30 countries sought advices from SUNWARD booth, such as Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and etc. Till the end of the fair, SUNWARD had received orders about 1500 thousand Dollars.

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