SUNWARD – Pursued at Bauma 2010

May 04, 2010

From 19th to 25th April 2010, Bauma 2010 (the 29th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment) was held in Munich Germany。 This global construction machinery exhibition is a significant one after such a worldwide financial crisis. Although the volcanic explosion in Iceland has caused temporary cancellation of Europe airline, a large number of visitors came to Bauma; the area and population of exhibitors exceed that of last year. After first show at Bauma in 2007, which led rising concern about SUNWARD, this is the second time for SUNWARD went to Bauma with several series products. This show laid out SUNWARD's technical, as well as brought visual impact and surprises.

Sunward stand

More than 1000m² at N820-3, outside expo center F9, the banner "SUNWARD" was set to allure with a eco-friendly, economical and modern style. SUNWARD products for exhibition (23 units in total) included mini excavator, medium excavator, skid steer loader, forklift, wheel loader and electrical excavator for international market. The exhibited hydraulic excavators were all equipped with Tier III engine, and excavator series weighted from 0.8 to 23t could meet different demands from customers.

SWE18U excavator with canopy attracted many visitors operating on the spot. SUNWARD skid steer loaders for different working sites by equipping with international standard fast-changing equipment, planer, and auger drill gained praises from foreign visitors. The stacker, which adopted SUNWARD patents attracted people's attention. SWEL55 is a versatile machine equipped with world famous engines and hydraulic systems, fast and accurate operation system. This new concept machine demonstrates subversive ideas about traditional backhoe loaders…SWE17E – a new electric excavator inosculated electro-hydraulic integration, robot, automation, wireless AP, multi-sensor data fusion and microelectronic technology – brought visitors different vision and work experiences. For the cancelled airline, a Russia dealer of SUNWARD came to Munich by self-driving and ferrying from St. Petersburg. Two days before the falling of the curtain, he arrived at SUNWARD booth, and told SUNWARD international department manager that "It's been a worthwhile trip."

watching demo on-site

visitor operating intelligent excavator

SUNWARD has arranged several machinery shows and man-machine interaction games every day. Electric excavator finished the task in a remote mode, which got lots of applause and praise. SUNWARD electric excavator's function has been perfectly presented by audiences' operating and experiencing. SUNWARD innovation ability has also been accepted by audiences' operating and experiencing.

Under the background of global financial crisis and uncontrolled factors, SUNWARD and other China exhibitors' participation and competitive ability make the world believe that China construction machinery enterprises will have a bright future.

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