"Love Spread over the Land, Love Link You and Me"

May 12, 2010

SUNWARD Dedicate Love Again at 2nd Anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake

12th May in 2010 is the 2nd anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake。 The cloudy weather expresses people's lament for those victims in the "5.12" earthquake. The evening party "Go Ahead Hand by Hand - Pictorial Exhibition of Li County and the 2nd Anniversary of 5.12 Earthquake", at Hongxing International Exhibition Center (Changsha), was held by Aid and Build Team (Hunan), "Xiang – Chuan" Society Service Team, and "Xiang – Li Xiang Qin" Organizing Committee of public benefit activities for Li county. Liuxiao, the vice-chairman of Chinese People‘s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Hunan Province, as well as enterprises including SUNWARD, several public benefit teams and benevolence institutions attended the party.

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As one of Hunan construction machinery corporate champions, SUNWARD devote itself to speedy development as well as the social responsibility of "strengthen enterprise to exalt China". When "5.12" Wenchuan Earthquake occurred, SUNWARD timely organized an aid team into the disaster-affected regions, with equipments, materials and 50billion RMB or so. The team made up of 21 people repaired the vital transportation line to Jiangyou after thousands of miles treks and 12 days construction. Later, they participated in sanitary and antiepidemic, temporary dwellings and pre-fabricated house construction, hope elementary schools building, etc.

Two years past, but SUNWARD love and support for earthquake regions are lasting. At that night, SUNWARD dedicated love for regions' support and construction. At that night, the rain could not put out SUNWARD love and enthusiasm. At that night, SUNWARD conspicuous flag with words "Love Spread over the Land, Love Link You and Me" was flying in the air.

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Earthquake is merciless, while SUNWARD is loving. Earthquake relief work and post-disaster reconstruction are SUNWARD bounden duty. SUNWARD should deliver solicitude, blessing, concernment and support to the compatriots, as well as love, courage and confidence to help them pick up a new living. While wishing the perished rest in peace, caring for the living, SUNWARD is advancing with compatriots in disaster-affected regions...

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