China's Largest Tonnage Loader - XCMG LW1200K

October 27, 2014

LW1200K loader is an independent R&D achievement of XCMG with the world’s most advanced technology and craftsmanship to respond to international market demand. The new product, as China's largest wheel loader, carries the concepts of being safer, greener, and more reliable. LW1200K is integrated with six key science breakthroughs. Sixteen innovations have been fully configured into its digitalized and intelligent operation mode, which is the solid operation quality guarantee for such large tonnage loaders. Breakthroughs have been achieved in the aspects of transmission, durability, energy-saving, environment protection, drive axle cooling mechanism, intelligent control and remote service. New materials and craftsmanship have been adopted. The lightweight concept helps to lose the weight, to improve work efficiency and to save fuel. LW1200K represents China’s highest R&D level and help XCMG to reconsolidate its leadership in large tonnage loaders. It can be used in the construction of highways, railways, houses, hydropower stations, ports, mines and so on.

Major Technical Parameters of LW1200K







Cummins QSK19




Euro III

Major parameters



Rated load

12 t

Bucket capacity

6.5 m3

Operating weight

48 t

Working parameters


Maximum dumping height


Dumping distance


Random Dumping angle


The maximum digging depth

100 mm

Boom lifting time

8.4 s

Three-action time

15.5 s

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