HB67K Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

November 07, 2014

HB67K truck mounted concrete pump is an advanced tool for continuous pouring of concrete. Because of its flexibility between station and worksite, short preparation time, high working efficiency, good pouring quality and less environmental pollution, it has been widely used in construction of bridges, power plants, steel mills, water treatment plants, high-rise buildings and other large-scale infrastructural projects with a key role in shortening the construction period and improving the project quality. In urban areas, its major users are those commercial concrete mixing stations. It is mainly used in construction projects such as elevated roads, flyovers, urban environmental protection facilities, commercial and residential buildings and stadiums. In other areas, those large-scaled construction projects such as hydropower stations, water conservancy facilities, railways and bridges are its buyers. In China, big buyers of this truck include China Construction, China Metallurgy Construction, China Chemical Construction and other big urban construction companies.


HB67K main technical parameters










Actros 5046




OM501LA V6


335 kW

Main parameters





15780×2500×4000 Mm

Rated load

54 t

Front axle bearing

18.22 t

Rear axle bearing

35.78 t

Operating parameters


Maximum relay height

66.1 m

Maximum depth

48.6 m

Radius of rotation

60.9 m

Theoretical throughput

170 m3/h

Frequency of oscillating tube

22 to 24 times / min

Boom rotation angle



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