Zoomlion’s Star Forklifts Exhibited at CeMAT

January 06, 2016

After the participation in Bauma 2016, Zoomlion took part in the CeMAT to exhibit a variety of forklifts on May 31, 2016. With brand-new coating and excellent performance, these exhibits set off a green whirlwind at the exhibition, attracting large numbers of customers.

The European market features rapid development of the logistics industry, requiring efficient, reliable, energy-saving and environment-friendly products. In view of this, Zoomlion’s industrial vehicle company launched six varieties of star products in three major series - diesel forklift, electric counterbalance forklift and warehouse forklift.

The FD30R diesel forklift has been greatly favored by overseas customers for its excellent appearance design, high performance and high configuration. Its debut at CeMAT 2014 won a large number of orders. FL35H LPG dual fuel forklift accords with the higher requirements of the European market for environmental protection. The use of LPG fuel results in great reduction of exhaust emissions, and a daily cost saving of over 30 percent when compared with that of gasoline and diesel oil under the same working conditions. Moreover, LPG system with safety valves can be protected through decompression according to the line pressure, and prefill valve can be selected for the steel cylinder to effectively prevent pipeline damage caused by accidents and realize maximum protection of the driver’s safety.

FB25H battery-powered counterbalance forklift and DB16-W1 electric pallet stacker are new products developed by Zoomlion in 2015. They were displayed at Bauma in April 2016. The FE20 three-wheel battery-powered counterbalance forklift is a mature product of Zoomlion. It is installed with split-type low sound level pump, standard drop cushioning device and safety seat, meeting the high European requirement on safety. The TB20-W1 2-ton electric pallet truck boasts a high safety level since it is installed with standard emergency power off plug and emergency reverse device which keeps the driver from being hurt when the vehicle runs backward. It can also run at a slow speed. When the driver puts the hand shank in nearly vertical state, the vehicle’s running speed will reduce automatically, thus facilitating accurate operation in a narrow space.

Making full use of this exhibition, Zoomlion has displayed and promoted its latest products and technologies to let more products find the way into the German and other European markets!

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