Brazilian President Michel Temer Met with XCMG’s Chairman Wang Min

October 28, 2016

On October 25 at Brazilian time, Brazilian President Michel Temer cordially met with Wang Min, the Chairman of XCMG, Wang Yansong, the Vice-President of XCMG Machinery and the Chairman of XCMG Brazil and their delegations. They had a positive and friendly talk about Chinese enterprises taking root in Brazil and improving the infrastructure of Brazil.

At 10:30 am, at the Presidential Palace of Brasilia, President Michel Temer warmly welcomed Chairman Wang Min and his delegations. President Michel Temer was pleased to say: this is the second time to meet with Mr. Wang after G20 Hangzhou Summit. He said: China keeps its economic growth at a higher level, which provides valuable experience for the world. The Summit can bring “China model” to more countries. The Brazil economy in the recovery period has more need for China’s experience.

President Michel Temer expressed his appreciation of XCMG’s investment in Brazil and contributions to local economic development. He said, XCMG’s achievements in Brazil set a good example for more Chinese enterprises which are willing to invest Brazil.

Chairman Wang Min introduced President Michel Temer to XCMG’s strategy of taking root in Brazil  and influencing South America and its persistence and adherence during the economic downturn of Brazil. President Michel Temer gave affirmation to XCMG’s confidence in investing Brazil.

After the talk, Chairman Wang Min presented President Michel Temer with a XCMG crane model, and invited Mr. President to visit the factory of XCMG Brazil in Pouso Alegre at an appropriate time. President Michel Temer readily accepted the invitation.

Afterwards, the Press Information Bureau of the Presidential Palace had an exclusive interview with Chairman Wang Min.

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