The 1st Shovel-Brush All-in-One Snowplow Successfully Rolled off the Production Line at XCMG

November 03, 2016

(Liaoning) The 1st CS24 shovel-brush all-in-one Snowplow has been successfully rolled off the production line at Xugong (Liaoning) Machinery Co., LTD. recently. Incorporated with an integrated design concept, the CS24 shovel-brush all-in-one snowplow features a steadily-performing hydraulic system and is easy to operate. Capable of travelling at a speed of 20 to 30 km/h and removing a width of 2.4-2.4 meter snow, it can be used extensively to remove the surface snow and clean sand and gravels on highways and city roads.

With a CS24 being mounted to a XT760 slide steer loader, both a perfect integration with and an addition to XCMG’s diversified product line have been achieved while customers’ personalized needs have been further met.

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