With its Ten Achievements in Science and Technology, XCMG Presented with "2016 China Machinery Industry Science & Technology Award"

November 04, 2016

Evaluation work has been completed for the "2016 China Machinery Industry Science & Technology Award" lately. XCMG’s ten entries of achievements have been awarded with the first, the second and the third prizes following evaluations carried out by professional evaluation panels and a final review conducted by the jury committee. Of the ten entries, the “Research and Industrialized Application of the Core Technology of Hydraulic Walking Excavators” by XCMG Road Machinery Business Department won the top prize, the following three achievements have won the 2nd prizes: the “Research and Industrialized Application of the Core Technology of Efficient and Environmental-protecting Pneumatic Conveying in Construction Machinery” by XCMG Construction Machinery Research Institute and XCMG Environment, the “Research and Industrialized Application of Overloading Transportation of Large-scale All-ground Cranes Technology” by XCMG Heavy Machinery, “Research and Industrialized Application of Self-adaptive Steering for the High-speed and Multi-axis Vehicles Technology” by XCMG Heavy Machinery. Further, the following six other entries have been awarded with the 3rd prize: Protective Technology and Application of Off-Road Vehicle Rollover by XCMG, “Research, Manufacturing and Industrialized Application of 9-12meter Large-scale and Top-performing Pavers Technology” by XCMG Road Machinery Business Department, “Research and Industrialized Application of the Core Technology of Extra-meter -sized Pump Trucks” by XCMG SCHWING, “Research, Development and Industrialized Application of XZJ5161TYH Road Surface Maintenance Vehicles” by XCMG,the ”FN series Wheel Loader” by XCMG Science & Technology and the “SQS500A Lorry-mounted Cranes” by XCMGSC.

According to the evaluation panels, the entries submitted by XCMG for their review have reached the international advanced level. With its technological strength developed and accumulated through cutting-edge technologies, XCMG has played a significant role in promoting scientific and technological progress in the industry and advancing the construction of Chinese economy, and brought about remarkable economic and social benefits verified through practice. In recent years, XCMG has sped up its scientific research and development, and conversion of the results into application while constantly beefing up product research and development of the core technologies. Meanwhile, by setting a gold standard of “Leading with Technologies and Producing Robust Products”, unprecedented in the industry, 

XCMG accelerates the establishment of a global collaborative research and development platform, which is digitalized and cloud-platform-based, and strengthens its cooperation and collaboration in innovation with the world's leading R&D institutions, research institutes and wisdom groups. Additionally, XCMG strives to improve the effectiveness and level of research and development, to promote technological innovation and productivity, playing a leading role in the Chinese construction machinery industry and serving as a bellwether in China's speedy industrial transformation and upgrading.

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