"Select the Right Person" and "Do Good Deeds" -- XCMG Expanding Malaysian Heavy-duty Truck Market

November 24, 2016

On November 9, XCMG organized an activity in Malaysia to introduce new domestic heavy-duty trucks, striving to create a new "Made in China" business card in Malaysia.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib visited China recently, and the two countries signed a cooperation agreement worth more than 200 billion yuan, reflecting the increasingly close political and economic ties between China and Malaysia. And such a close relationship can not be separated from the pioneering work of the majority of Chinese enterprises in Malaysian market.

Deputy General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Company Hu Xiangyang giving a speech in the exhibition

On November 9, XCMG united Malaysia Hong Seng Group to promote Hanvan series heavy-duty trucks in Penang. For the cooperation between these two companies, the General Manager Luo Donghai of XCMG Automobile Business Department said banteringly that it felt like marrying off his daughter, because it was excited and upset. After all, both sides contributed to this cooperation after a long and patient communication. "Hong Seng Group is the right person, and XCMG will also need to enhance its reputation in Malaysia by excellent quality." "As a Chinese enterprise in Malaysia, we must be familiar with local human environment, culture, laws and regulations. This is very important because what we think is OK is not necessarily applicable in Malaysia," said Hu.

Ribbon-cutting in XCMG Hanvan Launching Ceremony

Malaysia Hong Seng Group is the exclusive agent of Hanvan series heavy-duty trucks. "We select Chinese brands because we have confidence in their products," said Zhang Haixing, Managing Director of Hong Seng Group. "Chinese trucks have been in Malaysian market for eight years, and the guests asked doubtfully at the beginning: Chinese trucks, sure? So far we can say Chinese trucks are already a success. And today many users accept it. Chinese cars are No.1 in quality and performance, so they never doubt their products now," said Zhang.

General Manager Luo Donghai of XCMG Automobile Business Department (the left one) and Deputy General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Company Hu Xiangyang (the right one) introducing Hanvan series trucks to customers

Users also spoke highly of the performance of Chinese heavy-duty trucks. There a Malaysian truck driver proudly talked about his Hanvan truck he had just bought. He said: "This truck is very good, very comfortable  and powerful. They are much cheaper than European cars, and importantly they work very well," said the driver.

XCMG united Malaysia Hong Seng Group to promote Hanvan series heavy-duty trucks

Price is a major advantage for Chinese heavy-duty trucks in Malaysian market. However, the high-end heavy-duty truck market in Malaysia has been dominated by European and American brands before. Therefore, it is no differently difficult for Chinese brands to compete with them at the same starting line. Luo Donghai is very confident: "We put the security of vehicle design as the first element, which reflects our concept of this kind of product: security is the figure 1 in front, and all others are 0 behind. The second is economical efficiency, that's to say, how can this kind of product create more value for our customers. The third is our products must be environmentally friendly, because this is the development theme of the whole world. The fourth element is our products must reflect the feature of intelligence. This is the trend of all manufacturing industries. "

XCMG Hanvon heavy-duty trucks -- Excellent quality, beyond value

Senior reporter of Chinapress Sdn Bhd Liu Junbao felt very touched by this change in Malaysian attitude towards "Made in China". "Consumers had doubt in Chinese products, but in the end, the quality and image of "Made in China" assured them. Now 'Made in China' is not different, because it is going towards the international level. So you can use them with ease, trucks or machines. For example, German products cannot meet our requirements for economical efficiency, because they are really expensive. But Chinese products are cheaper, economical and good," said Liu.

XCMG Hanvon heavy-duty trucks to be exported to Malaysia

After years of efforts, "Made in China" has set up a good reputation in Malaysia, and a new round of economic cooperation between the two countries brought about more opportunities for Chinese enterprises to show their best products. "Chinese enterprises are responsible to take the products out, and I think XCMG is able to provide very competitive products to Malaysian market. At the same time, XCMG can be a good going-out example for the "One Belt One Road" strategy and especially the industry of ours," said Luo Donghai.

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