A True Record of Zoomlion Service Long March in Peru

December 06, 2017

Recently, the special “Service Long March” activity planned by Zoomlion was carried out in Peru in South America. During this two-week activity, two service engineers from Zoomlion together with technicians from the dealers and Weichai Power’s office in Peru drove along the Pan-American Highway and reached as far as Tarara City in the north as well as Marcona City and Arequipa City in the south. Traveling over 2,100km, they crossed the plateau with an altitude of 5,000 meters and the uninhabited desert to offer more considerate services to customers.

                                                                           Zoomlion Service Long March Activity in Peru

Early in 2008, Zoomlion started to establish cooperation channels in Peru. At present, Zoomlion machines are widely distributed in various main cities in Peru. This time, the engineers mainly visit 11 key accounts, covering 61 units or sets of equipment, and offer active services to customers on the way.

In Marcona City located in the south of Peru, Zoomlion service engineers went to a jobsite in the desert to inspect customer’s products like truck cranes and truck-mounted concrete pumps, explain to the customer in detail how to efficiently use the equipment, offer simple operation trainings to operators and clarify their questions during equipment usage. What’s more, they also advised solutions to some frequently-seen faults, gave maintenance suggestions and offered parts list.

                                                                    Zoomlion Equipment Working in the Desert in Peru

During inspections, the engineers told the customer that Zoomlion is now easily accessible in Peru with its own engineers and dealer engineers offering all-round services. In addition, with mature parts facilities, customer’s equipment problems could be rapidly responded to and settled.

The customer highly recognized the high stability of Zoomlion equipment in the hot and humid environment in South America as well as Zoomlion’s service capability, saying that “We also have products of other brands at the jobsite, but due to that the jobsite is located in the desert with such a long distance of approximately 700-800km from the urban area, so far only Zoomlion service staff have visited our jobsite to offer professional service support.”

                                                                   Equipment Maintenance in Marcona Located in the South

The customer was touched by Zoomlion’s efficient services and he expressed on the spot that he wanted to buy another Zoomlion truck crane and some parts.

As an important section of Zoomlion’s global distribution, the Latin American market has been increasingly developed in recent years. Ever since Zoomlion entered the market in Peru, the products from Zoomlion and CIFA have gradually occupied certain market share through authorizing dealers and establishing standard and professional service network that covers the whole South America. Transit mixers and truck-mounted concrete pumps, among others, are greatly appreciated in the local market and are used by various well-known commercial ready-mixed concrete companies and leasing companies. Furthermore, many models of Zoomlion engineering machineries have participated in the construction of the financial center in the capital Lima—JAVIER PRADO as well as works in MARCONA mine.

Meanwhile, the layout of Zoomlion in the Latin American market has been constantly improved. Zoomlion Mexico Branch Company is established in Mexico to cover main businesses like sales of CIFA concrete machineries, local equipment assembly, maintenances and repairs, technical supports for constructions, sales of genuine parts and trainings on equipment operations, etc. In 2016, Zoomlion began to sell the well received CIFA classic series concrete machineries in neighboring countries like Mexico, Columbia, Peru and Chile, etc. Zoomlion concrete machineries are recognized by many key accounts in Mexico, including Cemex, the largest commercial ready-mixed concrete company in the world.

As a number of livelihood facility construction plans have been released after last year’s general election, Peru is now one of the most promising countries in the Latin American region in terms of economic development. Related agencies in Peru predict that Peru will realize a high growth rate of 7% in terms of GDP, indicating that a new movement will be initiated to promote relevant infrastructure construction. Taking advantage of its excellent products and efficient services, Zoomlion will further explore a larger market in Peru and gain more development opportunities.

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