Overseas Construction Cases: XCMG Equipment from the East Serves Overseas Clients

June 20, 2018

Nigeria Dangote Refinery Project under construction will be Africa's biggest oil refinery, where 46 XCMG cranes operate at the same time for the project. Despite the high dust environment, XCMG cranes still perform well, making contribution to the hoisting of the project.

Brunei PMB Petrochemical Project is the largest industrial investment project in Brunei. On Pulau Muara Besar where the average temperature is up to 30 degree centigrade, 20 XCMG cranes still complete various hoisting tasks while providing a cool environment for operators, thus receiving high recognition from clients.

In Philippines Refinery Project, 14 XCMG rough terrain wheeled cranes and nearly 20 sets of XCMG complete hoisting equipment almost take over the whole project. The superior maneuverability and hoisting performance of the rough terrain wheeled cranes have won high praise from clients.

In the net rack body hoisting for Indonesia Kabaena Nickel Reduction Project, the construction party specially designated 4 XCMG cranes to complete hoisting together. Under the instruction of outstanding commanders and experienced operators, XCMG cranes hoisted the net rack to a given place firmly with superior performance.

In the construction of Qatar Doha-Doohan Highway Project, 9 busy XCMG cranes are used in only one construction point, and there are 660 sets of XCMG equipment engaged in the main stadium venue under construction for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In the world's largest cement production base in Egypt, 12 XCMG cranes hold the lifting arms high to easily complete various hoisting moves of high difficulty with super long arms, superior hoisting performance and stability.

In the Israeli port of Ashdod, 9 XCMG crawler cranes were hoisting steadily in wind and waves. With their reliable performance, not only a breakwater is constructed successfully but also a golden scenery line is formed in the port.

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