“XCMG Loving Nets” Initiative

June 25, 2018

On the eve of International Children's day, XCMG Global Public Welfare Project--XCMG Loving Nets Donation Ceremony was initiated. This is initiated by Dr. Liu Jiansen.

Thousands of XCMG employees and their children participated in this activity. Donations with love of XCMG people condensed will be used to buy thousands of XCMG Loving Nets, which will be sent to Africa and protect African children from mosquitos.
Children of XCMG employees who participated in this activity placed donation information cards with their names recorded in the donation box by sequence. The children were very happy to help African children to get rid of infectious diseases, including malaria, etc.


An XCMG employee' child placed the donation information card in the donation box


In the initiation ceremony, Jiang Nan---Party Secretary of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd. introduced the significance and background of this activity to donators. In recent years, with continuous development of XCMG's overseas business, especially in Africa, XCMG has become the first choice brand in many African countries.Therefore, many XCMG employees, including Dr. Liu Jiansen (Hanson LIU)---General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Co., frequently go on business trip to Africa.



Jiang Nan introduced the origin and significance of this activity


Dr. Liu Jiansen witnessed many African children get infected with malaria, dengue, Ebola, etc. caused by mosquito bites when he was on a business trip to Africa. In Africa, the most effective and feasible way to prevent malaria is to provide anti-mosquito nets for children, but most African families cannot afford it.


Dr. Liu Jiansen - General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd. investigated the African market


Dr. Liu Jiansen thought that these African children needed help. Therefore, after returning to China, he immediately did his best to mobilize XCMG employees and XCMG's partners to help African children. He wished that more social forces would participate in activities of helping African children prevent from malaria through charity activities held by XCMG employees.



Children in Africa


LI Hao--Party Secretary of XCMG Road Machinery and Zhang Yanmei--Deputy General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Co., awarded certificate of honor to children


XCMG customers from Azerbaijan, showed support for XCMG Loving Nets and expressed his trust in XCMG


Launching ceremony held in XCMG Road Machinery Business Department won active support of children


At Dr. Liu Jiansen's suggestion, many XCMG employees and their children lent their helping hands and offered help generously. With great love and mercy, XCMG employees actively responded to the suggestion and more than 2,000 mosquito nets were donated on the day when the ceremony was initiated.


The fiery activity atmosphere


Children of XCMG employees in each business department and branch enthusiastically responded to the donation activity


Group photo of volunteers and donors in the XCMG Loving Nets Project


At present, 10,000 mosquito nets planned at the activity initial stage will be sent to countries of Central and West Africa, such as Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, and Nigeria, where deadly infectious diseases are rampant. Afterwards, according to demands of local African children, more mosquito nets will be donated to protect more African children from being invaded by deadly infectious diseases and help them sleep comfortably.


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