Launching of XCMG's E-Commerce Platforms: Revolutionizing the Supply Chain and Industrial Ecology

June 27, 2018

In recent years, e-commerce has emerged as a spur growth driver and has reshaped the worldwide marketplace. More companies, including those in the construction machinery industry, are surfing the e-commerce wave. To keep up with the pressing market demand and remain competitive, since 2015, XCMG has started undergoing a digital transformation and introducing e-commerce into its business. Last month, XCMG officially launched two e-commerce platforms, Tlang and Machmall, to grasp the opportunities driven by this booming online trading trend.


Moving to a Digital Interface with Tlang and Machmall


Purchasing heavy construction equipment is never an easy task for construction business owners,however, XCMG’s online presence through the two e-commerce websites, Tlang and Machmall, delivers greater ease and convenience for customers to acquire XCMG products without borders and carry out direct inquiry online. The two e-commerce websites are no ordinary product trading platforms but integrated platforms that cover multiple services such as equipment purchasing, spare parts sales, second-hand equipment trading, rental information release and online after-sales services.



Revolutionizing the Supply Chain and Creating New Values for Stakeholders in the Industry


The launch of e-commerce platforms is, in no doubt, a milestone of XCMG in the integration of the era of ‘Internet+' and its persistence on innovation and development. More importantly, the rapid rise of the e-commerce business offers enormous potential to the industry and favors both our partners and customers.

Distributors – E-commerce is an excellent opportunity for distributors. Through concentration and integration of products and services, the e-commerce platforms are used as catalogs to direct buyers to the most competitive and capable distributors in the world to complete the procurement. This additional source of traffic is going to help distributors reaching out to new customers and convert them to sales revenue.

Manufacturers – The global penetration of e-commerce has spawned an increasingly large number of web-savvy consumers, creating business opportunities for manufacturers. With these two e-commerce platforms that offer third-party seller services, first-tier mechanical and engineering products manufacturers can distribute their products globally, thus, increase online exposure and visibility of their brands.

End-Customers – ‘One-stop’ online solution. One of the challenges of developing e-commerce is weakening the existing customer relationships because of losing personal connection and interaction between customers and companies. Nevertheless, incorporating digital and connectivity in a way that doesn’t replace those relationships, customers on the XCMG’s e-commerce platforms can experience ‘one-stop’ online services such as information provision, logistics and aftersales service that cater to their needs in different aspects.


Migrating to Internationalization


E-commerce has obviously created a new way to conduct business. Integrating domestic and foreign resources through the internet, the launch of the two e-commerce platforms is regarded as a significant strategic decision of XCMG responding promptly to the emerging ‘internet+’ and a great leap to accomplish business upgrade. XCMG will make good use of the internet-based business model to reach out to customers all over the globe and further facilitate international trading.

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